Cool summer vibes please

Downloadable August Color Mood Board

Hot, hotter, summer 2018!

I live at Majorca/Spain and we are used to hot temperatures, but this summer it`s like crazy in whole Europe. I have family in Germany and in Poland and while we are visiting them this summer we always feels like home at tropical Majorca, but unfortunately without the fresh sea surrounding us. So I always need my special cooling it-piece this summer: WATERMELON! While others carrying a stylish fashion bag, then you can see me caring a watermelon (like in Dirty Dancing ;).

Watermelons are the best for hot temperatures, while they have a lot of water. And here is my ultimate summer refreshing tip for you: watermelon pieces with SALT! Yes you read right… with SALT! This tastes not only great – sweet & salty – the minerals from the salts benefits our bodies best during this hot weather period. So try it out!

So you see, watermelons are going with me the whole summer so they inspired me to this beautiful summer and fresh August color mood board.

This downloadable color palette contains CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.

Free Signature Fonts

My favourite free signature fonts – also for commercial use

In my last projects I loved to work with signature fonts – these are light, elegant and classy. I had a lot of requests because of all the used fonts, if they are free and also free for commercial use, where they are from…

Yes, yes and see below! :D

I use in my projects always free fonts and they are also free for commercial use. This is important for me, so my clients are always on the right site by using the fonts, no matter in which project.

So here are my actually favorite free signature fonts:

Tuesday Night

Reman Font

Hunter River

Flowery Summer Hippie

My July Color Mood Board

July is summer, sea & sun… so maybe you will think of the typical blue sea and golden sundown colors, but for me this dress is so much more summer! 

Some days ago I went with my husband to Minorca and I loved to wear THIS dress there… of cause at the blue sea and in the golden sunlights, but in this dress it was so much more magical.

My favourite dress combine a little bit the lightness of the 70s, the freshness of flowers, trendy pleated fabric and I just felt like a beautiful Hippie.

So that`s why this dress is so much July for me!

I love the color, which match perfect for a beachy, warm and also minimal, still and scandinavian project mood. 

And by the way, you all need to go one day to Minorca – one of the beautifulest places in the world.

This downloadable color palette contains CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.

New amazing Grid for Instagram


The last time I came often over Instagram puzzle styles while I was surfin’ through Instagram… and I thought always „So cool! I want this!"

So first I made a concept … what kind of style is actually trendy? Maybe summer feelings would be great… and freshness also! So I love to design with marble structures, because this is always clean and fresh. I made my marble design in Photoshop, which it`s very easy (I will upload an tutorial the next time for you). 

And otherwise I`m a fan of palm leafs, so I snapped my brushes, papers and watercolours and painted some. I love to start working like this, because all elements I use are from the beginning created from a white paper… digital or real paper.

After I had my elements I started create the puzzle template. Did you already see Instagram puzzle feeds? No? So I want to explain it a little bit to you.

Instagram puzzle feeds gives us a new way to use Instagram images by overlapping the normal grid, so an interesting and new Instagram appearance arise. It`s nevertheless important to look that every singe post looks great, but also the whole puzzle appearance have to be harmoniously.

The mostly new editing way with a puzzle file is, that you have to edit only 1 Photoshop file. After you are ready with editing, preinstalled slices will make the final 27 posts. 

I have also designed the files reusable, so if you have used all 27 posts, you can put new texts and images in, save again and continue to post – the end and the beging of the posts match perfect togehter.  

So this template style is the future, because it`s a big timesaver and it gives us a new way to use Instagram images by overlapping the grid – true to the motto: Think outside the box!

All you need is to edit the Instagram puzzle file is Photoshop CS or higher. After opening the (only one) Photoshop file you can edit all 27 posts at once – texts and images with smart objects. Of cause all colors are also editable, so you can give the puzzle your own style. After you are ready with editing, just slice the single posts into 27 pieces and export them (the slices are preinstalled and a detailed instruction for the export is included).

Ready to post!

The best working flow for puzzle styles is to post always 3 posts together, like a new posting line; so the puzzle system will always apear best. I would always use differnt hashtags for every single post of the three, so you can at the end reach more people only with one post. 

The Instagram puzzle template came also with a detailed helping file.

Here you can check the whole "Charming Instagram Puzzle Template" product and visit my Instagram account to look how it works live!

April, May, June… is it already June?!

June Mood Board is here

Beginning of the year I thought „One time a month a great matching color mood board will be so cool!“… and now we have already end of June and I passed April and May! The times goes so fast and I worked a lot at my social media products, that I simply forgot the mood boards! But for that so great new social media products are online. Did you already see the new Charming Instagram Puzzle Template? Such a great new way to style a Instagram feed!

But back to the topic „mood board“… after such a long time here is again a very great one! The last weeks I was inspired by 2 great weddings, where I was invited… Vintage charm met pastel details full of love. And this beautiful image represent the feelings perfect.

We already have summer, lovely feelings are the air, beautiful colors out side, so this color mood board is not only full of love but also perfect for June.


This downloadable color palette contains CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.

Best free Images Source


Today I want to present you my most popular free images source:

At unsplash you can find great free images gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers. You can use the images for noncommercial ansl also commercial purposes.

Sound great, or?! So if you don`t have an idea what to look first, check out my collection for some inspirations:

AgataCreate Unsplash Collections

PS.: This nice posting image you can sind in my "Minimal design aesthetic" collection. 

March Color Mood

Downloadable Color Palette

The days are getting longer, the sun is coming out, spring is still here and we all want to spend time outside… this all inspired me for this color mood. 

I live near the sea and now the longer days make beautiful sunsets with amazing colors. This relaxing, calm and satisfied atmosphere is united in the march color mood palette. 

Use this creative color platte for your next projects, posts or only be inspired.

This downloadable color palette contains CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.

Free Social Media Monthly Planner

Combine best with my animated instagram stories

Do you also ask yourself the same question every week? What to post on social media? 

It`s so important to entertain your audience in an varied way and so I create this free social media planner for one month. Every day a new idea, every day something interesting and therefore every day new followers.

The planner is developed from Monday to Sunday, but you can of cause start wherever you like/how a beginning of the month match and go the days around. This planner works for a long time, because you can use it every month new with always new posting to the single daily themes. 

The posting versatility is so important and with this free planner you can start right now to be creative and don`t think "What to post?!"

So download the free planner and start right now!

And if you need a great matching design for your postings, check out my social media products, for example the

"ANIMATED Instagram Stories – So female"


ANIMATED Instagram Stories – So Female

ANIMATED Instagram Stories – So Female

Animated stories are so trendy and now you can use them in such an easy way with these 20 ready to use "A N I M A T E D Instagram Stories – So Female".

The video animation is just ready, so you only have to edit the texts/images, export as video and you are ready to post.

Surprise your customers and win new ones with these animated Instagram stories. Perfect to promote your business in an trendy and striking advertising way. 

You are not sure if you will be able to work with this files? It seems complicated for you? No… convince yourself by downloading the freebie with the detailed instruction to get to know this easy to use files. 

Check the full version out here.

February Color Mood

Downloadable Color Palette

I asked myself what mood is typically for February and my first thought was romance, love and hugs… in the middle of the month we celebrate Valentine`s Day! 

Even if February as the second month of the year per se is mostly cold and uncomfortable, at February the 14th all your hearts are warm and shiny! So this feeling was my inspiration for this color palette – romantic, lovely and with a lot of anticipation for the hopefully soon coming spring.

This downloadable color palette contains CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.

Freepik Interview

Thank you for supporting us

Some weeks ago freepik (one of the largest stock platforms) asked my husband and me, if we want to make an interview with them?! Wow man! Of cause!

We were very honest to be picked from all the fantastic contributors of this great platform to share our experiences, tell a little bit about ourselves and give some tips for other designers.

So if you are interested to get to know more about my husband (he also work as graphic designer) and me, then check the interview at freepik here out.  

And if you want to look at my husbands great work, then visit him at Creative Market here.

January Color Mood

Downloadable Color Palette

Cold days with cozy knits and hot cocoa… this inspired me for this January color mood.

If you are planing a new project and still stumble with the color concept, then download this free cozy and warm color palette. You will get the CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.

Feel inspired, get a warm hug and start to create great new things.

Pantone Color of the Year 2018

Ultra Violet

Today I saw the new Pantone color of the year 2018 – ULTRA VIOLET – and I love it! It`s so mystic, ingenuity and visionary. The violet suggest the limitless night sky and the mystic depth of the cosmos… it`s so inspired and I just want to start to work with the color.

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet

If you want to have more informations and inspirations, go over to the Pantone website and check the great color out.

Creative Market Free Goods

Do you know the weekly free goods at Creative Market?

Creative Market offers every week 6 free goods at their website, that`s such a great way to get to know new products and new designers. I tried the free goods this week and played a little bit around with them, and I can highly recommend them.


This week (Dec 18. - Dec 24. 2017) you can get:

Bhatoshine - Fancy Font Duo (I used in the preview image)

Polygonal Deer Collection

Watercolor Leaves and branches (I used in the preview image)


K A D O Flyer Template

Sparkling snowflakes collection


If you want to see all in the overview, you can find all free goods here.

After the free week is over, the products will of cause still be available with their normal price.

Ohhh… New Freebie
Top View 05.jpg


These gorgeous patterns are perfect for cards, flyers, posts or blog elements and also for fabrics and prints. The free version is only one design in two color schemes, but if you like it, you can find the full version here.

Without mock-ups and preview image.

All freebies come with a "personal licence", so you can use them for your gorgeous personal projects. It`s not allowed to use the freebies for commercial projects, resell or redistribute them or use the original files as freebies.

New Freebie

Let`s be under the mistletoe

Great hand drawn christmas graphic freebie – one element of my christmas time set. If you like it, you can find the full version here.

All freebies come with a "personal licence", so you can use them for your gorgeous personal projects. It`s not allowed to use the freebies for commercial projects, resell or redistribute them or use the original files as freebies.

Free Fonts

My favourite free fonts – also for commercial use

Do you know the problem, when you want to use free fonts?! Where can I find some? Are they only for personal use? Or may I also use them for commercial projects?

I work a lot with free fonts for my Creative Market products and I`m always searching for awesome new free fonts. Here are actually my top 3 free fonts, and the best:

The 3 fonts are also free for commercial projects. 


Fily & Kyla

King Basil