Why Can`t I buy the products directly On This website?

My website is mostly used as a portfolio and the sales are only going through Creative Market. Creative Market is a great platform to reach customers worldwide and to that the sales have very clearly licenses for us designer and also for the customers.  


Creative Market? What is that?

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. 



In the case of, that you really have big trouble with a template/product, please contact me first and I´m sure that we can solve the problem. If everything does not help, all refund requests are only handled by Creative Market.


Which Software is Recommended?

All templates/products are made with Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop, because Adobe programs are the best professional tools for high quality digital products. Every product description at my Creative Market shop have a detailed program statement, so you always have an exactly statement which program version is needed. I always recommend to edit my products with Adobe programs, but if you want to work with a different program, we can talk about it and look how we could solve the case.


I have trouble with a Templates/product, Can you please help me? 

Of cause! But the first question is, do you have generally problems with the Adobe programs or after all with a template/product. If you have problems to work with a Adobe program, then please visit the Adobe helping center. If you directly have trouble with a template/product please contact me and we will surely can handle the problem. 


Which license do the templates/products have?

All my templates/products are available at Creative Market and therefor the licenses from Creative Market takes effect. You can find the licenses overview here and look which is the best for your project.


Wow! I can download freebies here at the website?

Yes, you can! I`m always happy to offer you some freebies. There are always projects where some bits are not needed but still gorgeous and to bad to vanish from the scene, so the freebies are a great way for you to get some great products for free. Subscribe to the newsletter and don`t miss new freebies anymore.


And the Freebies? Which license do they have?

All freebies come with a "personal licence", so you can use them for your gorgeous personal projects. It`s not allowed to use the freebies for commercial projects, resell or redistribute them or use the original files as freebies.