Flowery Summer Hippie


My July Color Mood Board

July is summer, sea & sun… so maybe you will think of the typical blue sea and golden sundown colors, but for me this dress is so much more summer! 

Some days ago I went with my husband to Minorca and I loved to wear THIS dress there… of cause at the blue sea and in the golden sunlights, but in this dress it was so much more magical.

My favourite dress combine a little bit the lightness of the 70s, the freshness of flowers, trendy pleated fabric and I just felt like a beautiful Hippie.

So that`s why this dress is so much July for me!

I love the color, which match perfect for a beachy, warm and also minimal, still and scandinavian project mood. 

And by the way, you all need to go one day to Minorca – one of the beautifulest places in the world.

This downloadable color palette contains CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.