Pantone Color 2019 – Living Coral


Positive, loud & happy

Everyone who knows me, know that I’m an absolutely color lover! I could search for color inspirations, color palettes and boards the whole day! And of course Pantone is one of my favorite inspirations.

2019 Pantone color is “Living Coral”, a strong and positive color! I really love it and therefore I used it directly for my first new project this year!

I’m generally a friend of natural tones and calmness, but this loud color works perfect with calm color schemes and is perfect for highlight details – so don’t be afraid and use “Living Coral” for your next project!

Or start right now with my new “ANIMATED Instagram Story Templates – Coralie”, where Living Coral takes a main part.

My Pinterest Color Boards

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But you will also find beautiful collections of the best graphic design products, styles and products.

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