Cool summer vibes please


Downloadable August Color Mood Board

Hot, hotter, summer 2018!

I live at Majorca/Spain and we are used to hot temperatures, but this summer it`s like crazy in whole Europe. I have family in Germany and in Poland and while we are visiting them this summer we always feels like home at tropical Majorca, but unfortunately without the fresh sea surrounding us. So I always need my special cooling it-piece this summer: WATERMELON! While others carrying a stylish fashion bag, then you can see me caring a watermelon (like in Dirty Dancing ;).

Watermelons are the best for hot temperatures, while they have a lot of water. And here is my ultimate summer refreshing tip for you: watermelon pieces with SALT! Yes you read right… with SALT! This tastes not only great – sweet & salty – the minerals from the salts benefits our bodies best during this hot weather period. So try it out!

So you see, watermelons are going with me the whole summer so they inspired me to this beautiful summer and fresh August color mood board.

This downloadable color palette contains CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.