New amazing Grid for Instagram



The last time I came often over Instagram puzzle styles while I was surfin’ through Instagram… and I thought always „So cool! I want this!"

So first I made a concept … what kind of style is actually trendy? Maybe summer feelings would be great… and freshness also! So I love to design with marble structures, because this is always clean and fresh. I made my marble design in Photoshop, which it`s very easy (I will upload an tutorial the next time for you). 

And otherwise I`m a fan of palm leafs, so I snapped my brushes, papers and watercolours and painted some. I love to start working like this, because all elements I use are from the beginning created from a white paper… digital or real paper.

After I had my elements I started create the puzzle template. Did you already see Instagram puzzle feeds? No? So I want to explain it a little bit to you.

Instagram puzzle feeds gives us a new way to use Instagram images by overlapping the normal grid, so an interesting and new Instagram appearance arise. It`s nevertheless important to look that every singe post looks great, but also the whole puzzle appearance have to be harmoniously.

The mostly new editing way with a puzzle file is, that you have to edit only 1 Photoshop file. After you are ready with editing, preinstalled slices will make the final 27 posts. 

I have also designed the files reusable, so if you have used all 27 posts, you can put new texts and images in, save again and continue to post – the end and the beging of the posts match perfect togehter.  

So this template style is the future, because it`s a big timesaver and it gives us a new way to use Instagram images by overlapping the grid – true to the motto: Think outside the box!

All you need is to edit the Instagram puzzle file is Photoshop CS or higher. After opening the (only one) Photoshop file you can edit all 27 posts at once – texts and images with smart objects. Of cause all colors are also editable, so you can give the puzzle your own style. After you are ready with editing, just slice the single posts into 27 pieces and export them (the slices are preinstalled and a detailed instruction for the export is included).

Ready to post!

The best working flow for puzzle styles is to post always 3 posts together, like a new posting line; so the puzzle system will always apear best. I would always use differnt hashtags for every single post of the three, so you can at the end reach more people only with one post. 

The Instagram puzzle template came also with a detailed helping file.

Here you can check the whole "Charming Instagram Puzzle Template" product and visit my Instagram account to look how it works live!