April, May, June… is it already June?!


June Mood Board is here

Beginning of the year I thought „One time a month a great matching color mood board will be so cool!“… and now we have already end of June and I passed April and May! The times goes so fast and I worked a lot at my social media products, that I simply forgot the mood boards! But for that so great new social media products are online. Did you already see the new Charming Instagram Puzzle Template? Such a great new way to style a Instagram feed!

But back to the topic „mood board“… after such a long time here is again a very great one! The last weeks I was inspired by 2 great weddings, where I was invited… Vintage charm met pastel details full of love. And this beautiful image represent the feelings perfect.

We already have summer, lovely feelings are the air, beautiful colors out side, so this color mood board is not only full of love but also perfect for June.


This downloadable color palette contains CMYK, RGB and Hex color code.